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Just a quickie; i have windows 7 and a dell 1600n multifunctional printer - i can print just fine but i cant scan things up - the printer is connected etc as i can print so no probs there but when i go to scan and use the dell software/ms paint it doesn't recognise the scanner - the scanner subfolder is in the driver folder on the printer installation - what the heck is the problem?! THANKS! ;)
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  1. Have you gone to Dell's support site to see if there is a W7 driver for the scanning part of it?
  2. Using this driver?

    Make sure you read the setup instructions, a lot of times the order of installing driver and plugging in the printer is very important. Could be some other things to watch out for.
  3. I had the same problem so that I got to this topic. But I've finaly managed by trying some options. Dont know if it's the only way but for me it worked so I'll describe it:

    -Install your printer with the driver from (select your OS) as a network printer (with option of scanner selected)

    -I dont know if it's necessary but I also went to "scanners and cameras" (I found this option by writing "scan" in start and it was in suggestions) and there I selected dell 1600n and -> properties-> test scanner

    -go to start-> devices and printers (or something like this, I dont have eng win) and if selected dell printer you'll have an option for scanning. That's it :)
  4. RobertMiller said:
    You need to get support from [redacted] by just dialing toll free number . The technicians will resolve any issues related to printer, hardware or software perfectly.

    Hi Robert, you are new here, we are a tech support site, not an advertising site for other tech support services that generally have less experience than maybe 60% of us.
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