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I am looking to buy a laptop with a mmc-1 mobile pentium 1 133mhz and upgrade it with a pentium 2 mobile. The mobile cpu guide said it is possible. Can someone tell me what laptop can i do this with?
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  1. Put me down for one vote for can't be done. I ain't sure but that don't sound right to me. Unless you can buy a special "overdrive" chip from evergreen or somebody I don't think you can put a p2 in a p1 spot mobile or otherwise. Where did you read that you could and why do you want to?

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  2. Here is what the cpu mobile mania guide says.

    "Some users like Tom have been able to upgrade their notebook from a Pentium to a Pentium II in a snap.......Shut down the Notebook, replace the Pentium MMC-1 with the Pentium II MMC-1 or the Celeron MMC-1 and start with a new processor family."

    So it is possible, does anyone know what laptop he used to do this?
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