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I've been shopping around for a while now, trying to find a desk similar to the O'Sullivan Living Dimensions desk that has now been discontinued (picture below) in the UK.

I'm beginning to think that my desk requirements are too high, and that I should perhaps consider either DIY or a bespoke build, or perhaps trying to combine multiple pieces of furniture to house everything (which, really, isn't THAT much).

Anyway, I've checked the obvious Office Warehouse, Staples, IKEA, but had no luck. Can anyone recommend some alternative places that I might be able to find a desk, preferably similar to the one above?
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  1. I made a sweet desk form kitchen cabinets and countertops that I got from Menards. L shape 8feet by 8 feet. Less then $300. Premade I looked at this size was in the $900 mark.
  2. Yeah, I suck at self-building, and don't really want to spend time/money getting it right... at least not now!
  3. yeah, I need a new desk too. The one I have now gives me neck pain :(
  4. Build it :)

    it would be relatively easy to design, and the only 'real' tool you'd need is a jigsaw,
    you can private message me and I will help if you decide to try it.
  5. Lian LI advertised a computer desk called the F1; that desk was truly AWESOME!

    Don't know if they are still being sold or are even available anymore.

    Here's a link to a review of the F1 on
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