Ok I got my LCD how do I use it?

Got my Compaq TFT7020 today, and well I obviously know how to use a monitor, but what I mean is whats the proper way to maintain my LCD and ensure it has a long life and doesn't go bad?

Besides not smushing it to see the pretty liquid effect what should I do with it. Is it better to leave it on with a screen saver when I'm not around? or should I simply turn it off when I don't use it?
I'm also curious if its not good to run it out of spec resolution of 1280x1024, like say at 1280x960 if a game won't do the other rez.
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  1. Games should do 1280x1024, but at othe rres, physically LCD will be fine. Just that pic may not be as good. I love teh ripply effect- but I don't do it on mine- I do it on my friend's:) As for leaving monitor on, it's up to u- thing is that, it takes LCD between 5 and 15 mins to get to full spec after being turned on (ie the contrast and all). Aside from that, protect it from power surges, and don't drop it. It should last.

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  2. so that's it? you got it and....is it cool, is it the best, is it everythihg you ever hoped..or is it just an LCD?

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  3. 5 bucks says he thinks it's da bomb.

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  4. its sweet, I kinda wish I would have gotten one of the Planar 17.4 inch models because they are very similar. But when I got the educational price of $660 for the Compaq and the Planar was $700 I decided to save $40 and then shipping on top of that. The only thing that freaks me out is the possibility of getting dead pixels, I'll be pissed if that ever happens to me, but so far I take pretty good precautions to ensure a long lasting LCD, when I took it to a lan party yesterday I packaged it how I originally recieved it, and intend on keeping the box for lan transportation.
  5. Compaq's technology that they use with the TFT5030, 7020, and 8030, lessens the amount of dead pixels. If you do a simple formule, you will see that regularly, u will have at least 1 dead pixel on a 17". However, quite a few people who boguht the TFT7020 have 0 dead pixels! The Planar doesn't have that, so chances are u would have a few. Also, the Planar uses MVA, which is a turn off due to color banding issues.

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  6. Oh, and keewee, u owe me 5 bucks :smile: . Joking=)

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  7. LCD monitors are manufactured like integrated circuits. It is extremely difficult to manufacture a perfect LCD free of dead pixels. BTW Compaq does not manufacture LCD monitors, a third party manufacturer builds them, Compaq OEM’s the monitor from them.

    In reality, no manufacturer today can promise a flaw-free LCD monitor. Limitations of the LCD manufacturing process sometimes result in dead sub-pixels. Three sub-pixels one red, one green and one blue make up a “Pixel”. A dead “pixel” three adjacent sub-pixels is rare, however dead sub-pixels are very common. A "dead sub-pixel" can take the form of either a black or colored spot on a white background or a white or colored dot on a black background.

    Call or e-mail Compaq and ask what their return policy is.

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  8. I know what u mean, but it appears that Compaq's (actually, the technology is Sharp's) technology reduces number of dead pels.

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  9. So if they reduce from 18 to 12 who cares? If you dont know what their return policy is its a moot point.

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  10. I spoke w/ Compaq, and they did tell me their return policy, but since they only do this over phone, and not e-mail (as many LCD companies do), I'm not going to put it into writing, as I would be cheating their honor then.

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  11. If you dont have it in writing, it means nothing. Call them back again, I bet you get a different answer.

    Also there are compaines out there that publish thier policy.

    Jim at http://www.monitorsdirect.com
  12. Called them again- guess what- same answer. Dude, they just may not want to give out this info. At least Compaq has a return policy for dead pixels- planar doesn't.

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