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I'm a novice computer user. I have recently purchased a new computer, and I'm having a great deal of trouble with my internet connection. I have a cable modem, and I keep getting the message "cannot locate server" sporadically. Sometimes it lets me on, and sometimes not. I have spent hours on the phone with my ISP, have downloaded new drivers for my realtek rtl8139 pci/nic. used the "repair" tool, and disabled the firewall in XP. Still, it lets me connect sometimes, and other times, "cannot find server". It's not my Cable modem either, I've checked it. Help!! This is maddening!!
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  1. Are u using a router or hub in the network if so connect the modem directly to the computer. Have u tried a different cable from the modem to the computer. Check in the device manager for any yellow signs and for any conflicts mainly irqs.
    under internet options/connections/lan settings, try selecting and deselecting Automatically detect settings.
    Does your ISP give u a static ip address or one that changes?
    if all else fails remove any software that u installed for the cable modem and reinstall it.
    Unless if voids a warrenty try moving the nic to another slot and also try removeing any other cards not needed to run the computer.
    Its also possible u may have a problem with the cable line going to the modem. the cable company or isp should be able to check it for you.
  2. I heard someone else talking about this problem. It could possibly be that the signal you get is too weak (im not sure if that applies to cable systems). If all else fails and you can't find the problem another way, have the cable company come down and check you line.
  3. problems like these, we usually call it intermittent!
    better check with your isp, the telephone company and your type of modem! and lastly check the physical connection of the cables. these could be loose...

  4. you might try reset your cable modem using its reset button or just unplug the power for a few mins and then reconnect it. who installed the cable modem? if your service provider did this for you then have them come do a line test from the point of entry to your house and to your set up and how well it is grounded. ie. to the cable modem. make sure to use good quality components. (splitters, cables, and cat5 utp equip.) another question: are you using a ethernet card or using a usb connection? win xp has problems using a usb cable in this area."If you are using USB to connect to the modem, please revert to Ethernet. The USB modems are using a relatively new technology that is sometimes unstable" also with cable modems only 1 splitter is allowed and this splitter must be of a specific quality (digi splitter 5 to 1000 mhz). and it is also best to run your cable connection as a "dedicated service" or by it self with no other device(s) on your run. make sure there are no "line breaks" ie;adaptors and the like between the run . i also read an artical stating older homes and apts are using very old types of cable that will not handle digital applications. ie. the type of cable it self can be an issue (improper shielding). i have seen where people have "home made or radio shack" cables that are of poor quality or frayed and have signal loss issues and rf interferance. i hope this helps as i know how frustrating it can be.

    (old person by trait)
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