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got new laptop with windows 7 ... I am too dumb to run this progran ... can I replace it with 6 or xp ... please advise ... jbb
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  1. there is no windows6, 7 is better and safer than xp, get a book/go on a course.
  2. Well you could replace it with xp but you may have trouble getting the correct drivers for that new laptop. I am with the 13th Monkey take your time and learn 7 it's the way to go.
  3. ^ +2

    Seriously go buy Windows 7 For Dummies or some other beginner guide to learn the much better 7. Not calling you a Dummy ;)
  4. Every version of windows from now on will add to win7 in terms of look and feel, locking yourself into xp wil only make the transformation worse when you have to do it because your next new bit of software/hardware does not work on XP. Make it lots of little learnings and not a couple of giant learning sessions.
  5. If you really are too dumb to run Windows 7 (your words not mine) then I don't think much of your chances of installing XP on a modern laptop.
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