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Administrator rights make it annoying to rename files


Just upgraded to windows 7 from the beta. I am having an annoying problem that when I try to rename and avi file an administrative rights message pops up and I have to click it to confirm that I want to rename the file. How can I turn this off? It didn't happen when I was using the beta.

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    Turning off UAC should sort that out. It's much less intrusive in Windows 7, but not quite there yet.
  2. Thanks. How do I do that? I have never been a Vista user so this is new to me.

    I have got to this window

    and putting the slider to the bottom does nothing. The message still comes up

  3. Did you reboot after turning off UAC? Turning the feature completely off requires a reboot to take effect. Changing the level while still remaining on, does not.
  4. cheers, just did a reboot and it all works.
  5. if your a power user, UAC is useless - i dont like anything on my computer telling me what to do :D
  6. I've been using Windows 7 for about 6 months and have never had a problem with renaming a file, unless it was in certain protected folder like /system32. Is this avi in a protected folder? Also your UAC could be set too high.
  7. jsrudd said:
    Is this avi in a protected folder?
    Yeah, my reaction to this is that it's less of a UAC problem and more of a file management problem. I having a hard time understanding why you would need to store an AVI file in a folder that you didn't have full access to...
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