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BFG - Sends Defetive cards then Ignores you? :(( HELP!

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March 27, 2006 7:00:32 PM


sorry if this is no the right forum to post, but i find myself in a bit of a situation

I have 5 Geforce 6800 OC AGP from BFG that where bought about 2 years ago, we use them for gaming, we bought them at the hype of what they could do, and because everyone at the store was telling us that bfg had life time warranty

3 months ago one failed, and was swapped around, artifacts and such , garbled video, it was clear it was the video memory.

Bfg was contacted and they gave and RMA number, card was shipped and returned in a quick fashion, but the returnin card had worse artifact problems

the card was tested around various pcs, and the other 4 Card still work well in any computer we put it in

BFG was contacted for a second time, and they gave another RMA, card was shipped, returned, and the SECOND one was faulty as well

i guess i could tango with bfg over my lifetime, but the ups packaging is costing me about 40$ per shipment, so i sent an email, which i will reproduce here, help me if you can, as i belive ei have not insulted them in any way, rather than claim my in satisfaction and begging them for a solution....

I am dishearted to inform you that the second replacement card that was sent to me today, is faulty and suffers from the same issue as the original and the first replacement, this time tough it shows less Artifacts on screen but it is unbearable to use it for any purpose

I feel uneasy, as far as BFG products we have never had any problems with any model of them, specially the 6800 OC has always proved to be a magnificent product and robust, i have tried four five times, and still the replacement card fails to work properly, swapping it with another 6800, works correctly, i am mostly sure this issue does not involve any of my computers, nor a bad treatment to the hardware, we have been running this Cafe for over 5 years , using many parts and brands from many vendors, ATI, Nvidia, from cheap to high budget cards

I bought the last batch of BFG brand cards, becuase i was convinced of the Lifetime Warranty you offer with the cards, suffice to say, you have been true to the point of replacing the card, wich seems as many times as needed, but i regret to say that i feel sad to be sending the replacement card over and over, it makes me wonder tough, if the replacement depart ment just hands out cards withotu even testing them?

I woudl understand living near the RMA centre, using low cost secure Postal service for shipment, i wouldn't mind sending the card over and over until i get a good one, but me living on another country and billing a hefty 55$ per shipment, its getting out of hand

as it is if i ship the card once more i will have spent about 170 dollars on shipment alone, and adding with the initial cost of the card, it makes me feel somewhat deceived, as it is, a brand new 7800 will cost me much less than all this put together, sadly it will have to be from another brand

i am willing perhaps to send the card one final time, even at the chances that i will just waste more money into this

sadly i cant argue with you i guess, you will keep sending me cards as long as i request, but please, take some time to test the card and make sure it is working before you send it, suffice to say, i am not a happy customer now :( 

sorry but i had to vent on this i hope i in no way insult anyone, but these are the thoughts of a customer , thats all

by the way this second replacement card lacks the Yellow serial number sticker, tough there is a "if removed warranty is invalid" sticker with the following Serial G441004000132

thank you

Hoping for a happy email , like in many cases I've read on the Internet about BFG, with perhaps a coupon for shipment, or a promise of checking for the card so its sent ok, or even some kind of satisfaction as to send me a newer model to make up for the money invested on this.... THEY HAVE IGNORED ME , completely

I've sent the email once more, thinking maybe the email got lost, but it seems to me this is some sort of negligence or hurt EGO

in any case, I'm willing to pay for shipments as long as they assure me the card will be ok

this is a lengthy post and i thank you for reading, and i plead you help me , advice me what to do, because i really have no clue what to do with this 400$ paper weight :( 

thank you for any help , i really really mean it

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March 28, 2006 4:00:49 AM

8O Wow, your letter is fine, and hopefully they will take the time to verify a working card gets shipped this time.
It is good to hear BFG is prompt and holds true to honoring their warranty by replacing, but not good if replacements are faulty.
Hopefully this resolves it on this final round!
March 28, 2006 6:26:28 AM

Sent An email about this to sales@ email and beggin for this to be sent to a high authority executive, and hour after i get a reply, Jeff K assuring me that the next card will be tested personally by him and asked me for various information on the previous shipments

Omg im so happy o0, i will keep you informed, thank you everyone
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October 29, 2006 12:42:05 PM

Well, what happened ? Please let us know it's been months. I just hope you got a newer card free because after paying for 2 defective cards it is just the way it should be.
October 30, 2006 7:56:14 AM

Good News / (bad news?)

They sent a working 6800GT OC card pci express, i humbly asked for a change from AGP to pci express since we where all in the procces of going over to pci exp, the card performs well and has not given any problem at all , the card arrived with a paid DHL invoice, to ship back the bad one

bad news?... well we went and bought 2 6800gt oc pciexp , seeing as how great this one ran in pciexpress, but soon 1 started to show garbageon screen and such...

they did give me an rma, but ive been thinking over these past 3 months abut shipping it or not, yes while they did send a good one after me complaining, i dont think i want to get into this once more, probably the first card they send back will be in working order, but.. well i guess i lost faith on theyr rma service,

i did ask for a new rma (as it expired whiel i was waiting) still i am already expecting a bad card :S
October 30, 2006 4:48:33 PM

They should have given you a discount. Oh well.
October 31, 2006 6:59:18 AM

:roll: anyways, wish me luck, the other card that recently failed will be shiped in 2 days, hope it get back a good one in the first try :s