Will a 11b antenna work for 11g

just as the title says...
Will an external antenna designed to work with 11B work with my 11g wireless network??
I have a Linksys AP and PCI adapter

I only have 11G clients and I'm networking through walls and such, the signal strength is "Good" but I figure if I can relocate the antenna from the back of the PC where alot of noise is generated to somewhere else I'll get better connection quality and possibly more throughput...

thanks for your responses

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  1. If the connector is the same YES. They are both 2.4ghz devices.

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  2. They aren't designed to work with 802.11b, though they may use that in their advertisements. These devices, antennas, are based on frequency. As mentioned, both are 2.4 Ghz.
  3. thanks,
    I'm debating between the Linksys Signal booster or an antenna, maybe even both...
    Signal strength isn't all that high, and like most people I want more ;o)

    thanks again

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  4. You can do anything you need with antennas. Amps are only needed when you have significant attenuation due to long transmission cable runs or something of that nature. Higher gain does mean flatter radiation patterns though so for some circumstances adding power may be a decent choice. I am just biased I guess. Distorting the harmonics with amps is something that is a last resort from my perspective.
  5. I agree, I lean more toward an improved antenna, but the reason I want more signal strength is that I have a 2.4Ghz telephone that seem to have alittle more power than my wireless and is able to knock the wireless off the air...
    Plus the wireless signal isn't all that strong to start with, a hair over "Fair" as reported by linksys, I am going through a floor and a wall...

    My thinking is that alittle more power would atleast give me some signal when the phone is in use... Might try the antenna first though, its cheaper :)


    C1.3 @ 1.6 watercooled|G400DH|Asus TUSL2|256Mb PC150|SB Live!|Win2k
  6. meh just wrap some tin foil around the antennas you've got that always works with tv's ...hey I never thought of doing that before...

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