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So I am using Mac OS X 10.6.8 and on my home network with 2 windows pcs

when I enable file sharing on mac..i can see the folders I select to share in the windows pc

but for some reason
the folder qcsuser is always shared on mac and I dont have it shared and it doesn't show shared on mac..but always shows shared in windows folders..

anybody know why this might be or have heard of this before??
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  1. What directory is this folder stored in?
  2. When you go to harddrive/user an icon that says qcsuser...and all the folders in their are shared as well..

    any clue why?
  3. I'd say your first step is to determine why there is a user called "qcsuser" on your Mac. This is not normal. "QCS" can stand for "Quality Complaint Settlement", so do you have any software on your Mac to which that description could apply?
  4. There isnt a user named this in accounts..very weird. and no software close to that description

    what is going on?
  5. Have you owned this Mac from new or did you buy it from someone else? Possibly it's a hangover from software that was previously installed.

    Anyway, you ought to be able to use finder to browse that directory to see what it contains. If you are not authorised to it you may need to use the command "sudo ls" in terminal to browse the directory.
  6. I can browse it..just folders of different names...but y would it be shared without showing shared

    i got it from father in law who passed away
  7. I can only suppose that it originally had some sort of quality assurance sotware on it that required sharing for some reason. If there is nothing in the folders I would be inclined to drag the whole qcsuser directory to the trash can and see if it breaks anything. If there are no obvious ill-effects then you could move it to an external disk or write it to a CD (just in case). If you use Time Machine then you could just delete it as you already have a backup.

    That directory is not part of a normal OS X install so I wouldn't envisage any problems.
  8. I am gonna try this. thanks for ur help and i will let u know
  9. I tried this..for some reason..I have a user named --whitaker--and shows this in accounts

    but this is the qcsuser....

    why would it be called this in the finder?
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