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I need an ATX Super Socket 7 motherboard. It absolutely has to be ATX and it absolutely cannot have integrated video or LAN. Integrated audio is fine by me. I have an old K6-2 550MHz processor and 128MB PC100 memory to put on it.

Please let me know if you have one of these boards and are willing to sell.

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  1. I have a Asus P5A with Ali Aladdin, no onboard lan, onboard ESS Solo PCI audio, ATA/33, just the one you want. I had bought it for about Rs.5000 (approx US$110 today) almost a year ago. Its out but today a new piece costs about 3800 (a dollar is approx 48 rupees today)

    Maybe too high for you I guess, especially with shipping from India.


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  2. Speaking of P5A's, I have a P5A-B that I'm getting rid of. I'm currently running it in an AT case, but come to think of it I believe that it will also work as ATX. It seems to me as if it has both types of power connectors on it. Check out the picture on my listing on Ebay, it shows both types of connectors on the board:

    I am dumping and throwing in a CPU, 64 megs, and a Matrox video card. Again I've been running it AT, Asus specs on their site say it will run ATX too. If somebody could confirm the AT/ATX cross compatibility that'd be great.
  3. yes, the P5A-B has a ATX power connector alonwith the regular AT P8/P9 power connectors, and it supports all the ATX BIOS specifications. Its a ATX motherboard sans ATX layout.

    But is has a onboard ISA audio, which might not be a better idea to use these days.


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  4. Actually, the version that I have doesn't have on-board audio. I know you can get the version with audio now, but mine thankfully came without it.
  5. good it dint. ISA audio sucks anyway!

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