Desktop hangs while bios screen shows

I have a 4 year old home built desktop ASUS P5W DH Deluxe motherboard and intel processor. I run Windows 7 and now the computer hangs up at the ASUS Bios Startup Screen. Hard Disk Activity is present. Any suggestions? Cant get into start up mode either as keyboard isnt recognized.
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  1. I am having the same problem with a 3 year old home built system. It hangs on the load screen and will not allow me to enter bios or the options screen. It was working fine until I swapped my dvd drive for a newer device and now I am stumped.
  2. take out the CMOS battery, wait a few minutes, and put it back in & try again.
    I'd also unplug any non-essential items from the motherboard (extra hard drives, optical drives, ect.)
  3. ^+1

    I once had an issue where one of my computers would hang on boot if I had a USB card reader plugged in.
  4. in very rare cases, it could be the CMOS battery is dead.
  5. even if the battery was dead the machine would just pop up a error saying the batt is dead and the time/date and other settings would be default.

    The hdd light always goes on during post while the machine tries to detect the drives, my first suggestion is to disconnect all the drives and see if you can access the bios normally.
    Might be a completely failed hard drive orsomething like that.

    @sanslaw if its a IDE device and you didn't set the master/slave jumpers right and its conflicting with another device on the cable it could cause that prob.
  6. Hiya

    As the person above mentioned ^ when installing a new device you can get conflicts if they are incorrectly setup and that can COMPLETELY halt the boot.
    Remove any new hardware and see if the computer functions normally again, if it does and it is IDE again as above ^ check the jumper pins on your devices and make sure each IDE channel has a device on master and slave so there is no conflict. and then reinstall the hardware.

    Good luck
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