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I upgraded from XP and "inadvertently" used the 32bit win7 version. Now, I believe it is better to have installed the 64-bit version. I still have a "D" drive partition on which the old XP was stored. Can I install the 64 bit version of win7 on to the D drive partition. And if so, will I be able to boot from the 64 version?
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  1. Yes, you can install it on the D drive but if the old XP was 32 bit, you'll have to do a clean install of Win 7 64 bit on it. You won't be able to upgrade unless Win XP was 64 bit.

    By doing that you'll have a dual boot set up and should be able to choose which OS to boot into from a menu screen after POSTing (boot up).
  2. Hi, TheViper... Thanks for this lucid response. I had so much trauma backing up and reinstalling old computer and losing old data and computer going off and old data reappearing, etc. that I am about used up with the installation process. However, one day when I am recovered I will go ahead and try another clean install. \thanks again. lloyd
  3. You're welcome, Lloyd.

    Keep in mind that Windows 7 is a step above the previous OS's with regards to back ups so when you're ready, you're Aspirin bottle won't lose much weight.
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