A7V ATA100 Win2k

ok, this is p*ssing me off - i've waited months for SP2 to come out, but still win2k doesnt want to load off the ata 100 controller

i have an old A7V from back in november last year...

i just installed the latest 4-1 drivers, the Driver from the Asus site (build 33 i think) and also SP2... the bloody thing still comes up with BOOT DISK FAILURE when i try and boot off the hd when it is plugged into the ata100 controller...

does anyone know a fix? please? this is annyoing me so much...


. Asus A7V (from november, using the 1.004 bios i think)
. AMD Duron 700
. IBM DTLA-something 46 gig ATA100 HD
. 192 mg RAM @ pc100
. Windows 2000 Professional SP2
. VIA 4in1 31v drivers
. Promise v160 build 33
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  1. I have an A7V using an ATA100 disk and it runs fine. First check that you have the ATA100 controller enabled in bios. If you don't see the Ultra ATA stuff during boot it isn't enabled. If you see it and your drive is found great. The 4in1 software doesn't control the ATA100. The 4in1 drivers are for the IDE, AGP and miniport (win98 only). You need the Promise Ultra ATA-100 driver for this. I am using build 33 and it is working fine. You need to install the Promise controller during setup to get Win2k to see the Promise controller. Install it from a floppy after the setup program copies the first group of files from the CD and asks if you want to install any disk drivers. Go ahead and finish installing and install the 4in1 drivers when needed but not the miniport driver. I use version 4.28b and it is working fine. After all of that the laugh is still on us though. Win2k doesn't recognize ATA100 unless you install a hotfix. The drive will still work, just in mode4 or the equivalent. If you install SP2 the hotfix is included. If you do this it should work.
  2. Ok, thanks... I got it working now tho... seems all I had to do was flash the bios :P

    I hope any others with this problem find solice here :P

    Thanks again
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