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I recently build my first PC in over 10 years and I am trying get a convenient way to change my windows display profiles. Basically I generally only use my 23" monitor but I also have my PC worked via HDMI to my 42" LG & sound system for watching movies and such. I would like an easy way to switch between display profiles, changing the resolutions and the active monitors (maybe through a widget or something?)

Basically I want two profiles:

1) Only my monitor active with a 30hz interlaced refresh and sound to my monitor speakers
2) Extended display on monitor & TV with 24hz refresh (thats all my TV can handle) and HDMI sound output, monitor speakers disabled

If I its not possible to change the options all at once, is there any way to quickly change the "multiple display" options?

Thanks for any help.
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  1. look at ati cc panel there is something for using two display
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