What are Thoroughbreds? Bartons?

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Will some kind soul please tell me where I can find an explanation (in
beginner's terms) of the characteristics of the different Athlon CPUs?
What are Thoroughbreds? Bartons? Etc.? Enquiring minds want to

Thanks in advance,

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    Really simply put they re generations of AMD Athlon processors, prior
    to this there was the thunderbird. As the technology improved each
    generation had a name. T-Bred, Barton & Thunderbird are just like
    for example:
    Windows 95, Windows98 and Windows XP. Different versions....

    They all fit the same sockets so the only difference there is the
    capability of the motherboard, putting a 400Mhz FSP Barton CPU on a
    motherboard for designed for a 133 FSB Thunderbird would not be good
    as the barton Chip would run very slow compared with its rated

    I hope this was somewhat helpful

    P :wink:
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