How to convert a Fat32 to NTFS to upgrade to windows 7

Hello, How do I convert with command prompt comes up C:/Documenand Settings/charlie> and not just C:?
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  1. While I know that there is a easier way, this will work:
    type cd.. hit return then do it again. It's basically change directory to the one a level above the current one. There is a command to get to the root directory but I can't remember what it is. My DOS skills have degraded since the days of my 286.
  2. After a little digging, cd c:\ will take you to the root directory.
    If anyone knows another way, I'd be interested in finding out.
  3. Thanks will try and let you know if it works
  4. Worked Thanks
  5. Make backups first, then at a command prompt, type:

    convert c: /FS:NTFS /X /V

    You can leave the /V off if you don't want verbose mode.
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