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How do I do e-mail on windows 7

I just got a new laptop with Windows 7 and transferred all my files from ny XP computer. I used to use outlook express fro my e=mail and can't seem to find it here.
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    Try the help button.

    Personally I use Thunderbird to handle my e-mail and mozbackup to handle my migrations
  2. Outlook Express has been gone since Vista (Windows Mail). MS's free email client is now Windows Live Mail... the 2011 version being the latest. It's fairly easy to import OE's files into WLM.
  3. ^ Agreed. What Zoron did not mention is that Windows Live Mail must be downloaded. It is not part of Windows 7 out of the box.
  4. You can use Yahoo, Google, windows Live, or your ISP's email, whatever you want, pick one.
  5. That right, windows live mail is the windows 7 version of outlook express, you can download it form Microsoft's website (at least its free). and then you can set up your email account from their.
    NOTE: when you download windows live mail you will be asked to download some other Microsoft app witch are not necessary so just untick them and only install live mail.
    Hope this helps.
  6. Download and install Firefox, Opera and/or Chrome

    then go to

    follow directions

  7. If you end up using Live Mail, you can transfer your emails with Easy Transfer:

    -- Ryan
    Windows Outreach Team
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  9. dsnoop said:
    I just got a new laptop with Windows 7 and transferred all my files from ny XP computer. I used to use outlook express fro my e=mail and can't seem to find it here.

    Hi, I tried several email programs that might possibly replace Outlook (which I would have had to pay for), and found Synovel Spicebird works well with my new Dell Win 7 64-bit laptop.

  10. Any online mail service will be the same way... even if you use a mail client to access it instead of a web browser. My ISP switched to Windows Live for their mail hosting so now my messages get downloaded anywhere.
  11. Quote:
    yea, there's nothing special about gmail

    I guess I was concerned about saving space and not paying for Office 2010 after the trial period. I uninstalled or removed Windows Live that I had previously downloaded onto my new computer. Now that I found I could use my old Office 2003, I now use that old version of Outlook, and was able to uninstall the Synovel Spicebird email program. There were a lot of Microsoft programs and Dell drivers that I found were taking up space, and I removed some of them, also that were more for programmers and developers. I finally found the right Java environment to download, to replace the developers kit that was also taking up a lot of unnecessary space.

    I have five antivirus programs, but after trying several others, I found that Microsoft Security Essentials, Avira Antivirus Personal, Kingsoft Antivirus, Iobit Security 360, and Threatfire can be made compatible on a new computer. I set Kingsoft in the "Compatible Mode" and trained Threatfire to ignore the heuristic actions of some of the others. Kingsoft was a good addition, because it is a "cloud-based" program and doesn't occupy very much space in itself. I completed that with the addition of Privatefirewall 7.0, which also doesn't occupy as much space as some other firewalls, and I turned Windows Firewall off.

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