USB keyboards & mice for gaming?

Maybe this is a stupid question but using USB keyboards & mice for gaming a good idea? I ask cause I'm havin' problems with 'stalls' on both the mouse & keyboard playing games, that is to say movments of the mouse/key presses don't register. And yes I have a dedicated gaming hardware profile

FYI system specs -
MSI nForce 420 PRO
XP 2000+
1GB PC2100
Radeon 9600 PRO 128MB
Adaptec 19160 SCSI
2x Seagate Savvio 36GB
LG 4020B DVD Writer
Pioneer DVD-106

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  1. Never had any problems like that with my USB mice or keyboard (On any of my machines).

    What kind of games you playing?

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  2. Yes it's very odd and something I totally wasn't expecting at all and as I play very few games thought it might just be that. However it first came to light with TOCA RD, missed gears/breaking points/turn in, but now I think I'm seeing it in SimCity & SoF II (and other graphics card giveaway games)

    I'm not suffering from insanity, I'm enjoying every minute of it.
  3. Have you tried a different mouse and keyboard? Maybe yours have gone bad.

    Old System:Packard Bell Legend 3550,200 mhz cpu,72mb ram,8mb video,2gb hdd.
    NEW System:ECS N2U400-A,512 mb ram,AMD Athlon 2500+, 64 mb video, SOUND, on board lan, USB Ports, 120 Gb HDD
  4. I've had that with my wireless mouse. I think somehow the wireless transmission got screwed. Had to buy a new mouse (optical USB) and it works like a charm again. Is your stuf wireless?


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