Can i copy my os to a new hard drive?

Hi everyone.
I am making a new computer for my little brother and i'm wondering if can just copy my existing hard drive to a new one for his computer so that i dont have to buy windows 7 again.
Will i need a new product key or after copying it will it work fine with no product key?
Thanks in advance.
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    I am not the techiest person in the world, but I know Micro$oft has ways to prevent people from just copying their software willy nilly.

    What I think happens is that your copy has a key built into it. When your bros computer connects to internet it will be able to tell that two computers are sharing a key.
    Maybe if he never connects to internet.

    Other possible problem. I think win7 looks at special ids on various pieces of hardware (Network card, processor etc) and makes something like a fingerprint of your computer. It will immediately be able to tell its on a different computer. Also knowing you ripped of Microsoft will slowly eat away at you.
  2. you might be right but i want to know if anyone here has ever tried to see if it might work
  3. cavscout is correct. There are methods of discovery built into Windows to determine whether an OS instance has been duplicated, and in the end, the copy will need to be reactivated. You really don't have a choice here. Go buy another license for Windows.
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