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have installed win 7 as directed. Custom install on partition on 2nd hdd (as drive H)After custom install win7 has re-allocated drives and is now C and C is D! XP was not listed as option on boot but managed to find it by using EasyBCD and reset. Dual boot options then visible on reboot BUT after using one to other OS neither was available on reboot error \bot\BCD status 0Xc000000f an error occurred trying to read the boot config data both systems seem to be present and work ok but have to repair win7 install every time. I did set up win7 as a separate computer on install which I have seen may be wrong. Thinking of re-installing - any thoughts?
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  1. Boot to your win 7 DVD.

    Select "Install"

    ON the next screen, there is a "Repair" option in the lower left - Please select that




  2. Doesn't even need to do that... those same diagnostic tools are loaded on to a hidden partition when 7 is installed initially. Hit F8 when you reboot the system until you get to a menu with the usual Safe Mode options and such. At the top there is an entry called Repair Your Computer. This takes you to the same place as booting from the dvd (this is just the diagnostic tools though, you can't actually run setup from that hidden partition).
  3. Thanks, but have done this repeatedly but always get to the same place and have to repair again although I haven't tried the F8 route so will try that
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