Missing bootmgr and cannot reach bios help?

ok so i had a computer that a freind gave me and he had it so certain websites were all blocked i wanted to get rid of that but i needed passwords and other log ins he didnt give me. i tried getting a hold of him no answer ever so i decided to wipe the hard drive why i dont know but i did. now my computer wont start because the bootmgr is missing and i cant start on safe the only options i have are f10 and f12. they. i cant reach my BIOS or anything and i have tried using a USB but my cpmputer wont recognize it. and to top it off my computer doesnt have a cd drive just usb ports. i have tried many thing can anyboy help me?
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  1. When you wipe a hard drive you remove the operating system, nothing to boot from, you deleted the boot system. Safe Mode won't work because it still needs the operating system to start.

    What do F10 and F12 do? Why can't you get to the BIOS? Have you tried F1 or F2, or Del maybe?

    You need to get a Win 7 installation disk, but you can install Win 7 off a USB drive. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=how+to+install+windows+7+from+usb&aq=3&aqi=g10&aql=&oq=how+to+install+window

    Other option is to buy a DVD drive for the computer, be about $20. Of course the Win 7 license is a different story, that's about $140 for an OEM version.
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