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k so i need advice on girls/dating so um i think this girl is leading me on we talk for al ong time inbeteeen a few days after that we dont rlly talk and that repeats. like we tlak on the phone somtimes and yea.. she liked me once but i pissed her off and she didnt talk to me for like a month... and idont wanna get hurt again so... your opinions? (sorry im new to this im only 15...)
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  1. Well first thing is to tell her how you really feel about her ... that she means more to you than a friend.

    The down side is she might not feel the same way about you, and she might push you away. The up side is you might just get yourself a girlfriend.
  2. i already told her
  3. At 15, don't get too serious about girls. Socialize with a few, without getting too intimate with any particular one.


    (The same applies to girls too)
  4. yeaa... but like i like her so much :/ and like i want her in my life but 3 goof girl friends told me that i should get over her but its hard :/ (sorry for posting it on this i know it isnt a help forum but i needed advice)
  5. Btw, always carry a condom in your back pocket.
    Remember, safety first.
  6. um..
  7. Do you know if she still likes you?
  8. she said she doesnt know :/ my friends say i should get over her and move on :/
  9. Well check with her over this and confirm it, then make a decision ... make sure you really know how she feels ... don't listen to any "second hand" news from your mates about this.

    I know it can be hard so make sure you get out and see your mates to help take your mind off it if she says no for sure. There is nothing wrong with some good diversions like sport etc to ease the pain.

    Your number 1 priority is your wellbeing and getting to know who you really are as a person mate ... not studies ... not what other people think ... and not girls ... or just about anything you see on TV.

    Remember that and you will be able to move forward in life.

    Don't buy into the whole guys are tough thing either ... love is tough ... life is tough ... sometimes things will knock your emotions for a six.

    Finding someone who you can talk with about this will also help ... maybe your school counsellor?

    I hope some of this helps ... yeah, I do know what I am talking about.
  10. ok.. and its kinda hard to talk to her when shes ignoring you :/ but thak you and i try but sports dont really interst me... i take my dogs for walks alot and that helps me sort through things.. thanks again man
  11. No worries Jordan ... I think lots of walks and spending some more time with your mates will help you through it.

    Just about every song on the radio won't help either ...
  12. yea it will
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