Re- configuring the Directvinternet Modem

Hello , I'm a Directvinternet refugee. I have found a new broadband ISP. They allow you to use your own adsl modem. I was wondering if the Directv modem I was left with can be configured and re-used. If so , I may be able to make up some of this money I lost by having to change my broadband carriers. I know I have to enter into the modem by doing a web page thing like 192.168.x.x . But, I'm hoping someone can tell me what the address is and what settings to use.

I think the original manufacturer is hughes. I'm pretty sure it's an ADSL modem. If you have any idea what the modem IP is . That would be a start.


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  1. I think your confused. A modem is not the same as a router. Even if they are combined into one combined piece of plastic housing. If the Modem used by DirectTV is not an ADSL modem you will not be able to re-use it in any way. If you have a seperate router you might be able to re-use it. Can you please post some details such as the modem and router's brand and model number?


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  2. I'm at work right now, So I cannot tell you exactly what brand it is for sure. I'll post more info when I get home. mayeb someone can give me a generic solution for now.
  3. Generally speaking it really depends. My Linksys Router defaults to for the administration page, I don't know about others but I imagine it'll be close maybe or something like If you got the manual check in there for the defaults. If you don't have the manual you should be able to find a copy of the manual or at least some tips from the manufacturers website on what the dafaults are. Most of the Routers for the home consumer come with a way to reset the thing to defaults including the password it takes to get into the administration page. Hope to get the info when you get home.


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  4. This puppy is re-configured from the WAN side (not the LAN side). There has been a MEGA discussion of this over at the DIRECTV discussion area over at Some ISP's have been trying to figure this problem out as a service to potential new subscribers. Last time I checked no one had any success.
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