Running Win7 from external hdd for use with mac

I'm wanting to install a copy of windows 7 on an external hdd and then be able to plug it into my mac, and then be able to boot from the external drive. is this possible with the mac bootloader. Also is there an option when installing win7 to install to another drive if not could someone suggest how i could install win7 to a different hdd.

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  1. Hi :)

    I seriously hope you are not

    You cant....

    ...Look up BOOTCAMP....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. You can do this with a Virtual Machine, however with bootcamp i think your options may be limited with bootcamp.

    Could always just setup a second partition on your main hard drive?
  3. Thanks for the response, yeh I have a bootcamp partition currently, I was wondering whether I could use that method to save space as im getting a retina mac and has 256gb of space
  4. THERE IS A PROGRAM CALLED WINTOUSB but not sure if it can boot via mac when done...
  5. There are folks out there that sounds like they put Win on a thumb flash and boot from that, not sure how successful though, didn't follow up.
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