Putting the system disk in a removable rack

don't know if this is the right place for this question, but it seemed like as good as place as any so here goes.

just for grins i got the idea of putting my c: drive with windows 7 into a removable rack. the idea was that i could put windows xp on a separate hard drive and swap between to two (machine powered down of course). the thought was that i'd have two independent computers in one box. i know i could dual boot, but like i said this was for grins.

it almost worked. with the c: drive moved to the rack, win 7 booted up and ran just fine. i shut down, swapped drives and did an install of xp on the new disk. although it was assigned drive letter d:, it loaded and ran fine. so i shut down to swap back.

after putting the windows 7 drive back into the machine, windows wouldn't load. i got an error message saying that the windows/system 32/hal.dll file was corrupt or missing. i checked the drive, it wasn't missing, so...corrupt. using the 7 dvd, i was able to do a startup repair and am back up and running. no harm, no foul and only a little lost time.

but i'm curious. is what i'm attempting possible? if so, how would i go about making sure that both os'es boot properly when the corresponding drive is in the rack?

many thanks,
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  1. I'm sure that it's possible, but it does sound rather pointless. Easier to just leave the two disks in the machine and select the appropriate one when booting.
  2. the experiment itself is the point. sometimes the journey is more exciting than the destination.
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