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Router not recognized by windows

So I just finished building a everything running on it, and now im sitting at my windows 7 issue here is I can't get access to the internet...I am wondering if I need specific drivers or something..I thought, perhaps, it would be a simple "plug and play" procedure where windows would recognize it right away...however, that's not the case...I have tried removing the cord from the back of the computer into both ethernet ports ..I see an orange led to indicate that the cord is being acknowledged and there is probably some communication...but windows tells me there are no connections

Please share your thoughts and suggestions about the situation and help me resolve this...I am eager to do some updates and get things going...yout help is greatly appreciated... I am using an Asus p8p67 deluxe motherboard with two ports at the back for the internet...

PS: its a bell 2wire modem/router
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  4. Did you install the ethernet drivers on the CD that came with the board?
  5. my apologies..however I have not used the motherboards cd for anything? would that resolve the issue with the modem? because with my old computer I was just plug and play i believe
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    Use the installation CD and find the ethernet drivers. It should help ;)
  7. hey it worked! someone told me that i should throw away this disc at the computer shop.saying its useless..had i done that i wouldnt have drivers ...thank you very much sir
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  9. It's a good idea to install all the drivers on the CD. It will have bloatware like trial antivirus on it too but the drivers are needed...

    Glad I could help!
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