Win 7 reboot loop

I have had quite a tough time installing windows 7 x64, but after several attempts, i thought i finally had it. Now im stuck in a restart loop.
this occurs when (boot from hd) "setup is preparing your computer for first use", after about 4 seconds, my system restarts. I have tried swapping out memory (i have 2x2gb) using both, and each one separately, no go.
Any suggestions?

ps i wont be home for several hours after this, but will attempt any suggestions upon returning

system essentials:
e8400 at 3.00
HIS HD 4850
4gb G.skill
500gb seagate
750w pc power and cooling
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  1. First, grab Memtest86+ and do a RAM test. I know you have swapped out both sticks and used each one individually, but I just want to be sure that by some slim chance, you haven't won the lottery here and ended up with 2 faulty sticks.
  2. would this happen with sticks that have worked in the past? because i have been running xp (32bit) for over a year now with this system.
  3. RAM sticks can fail at any time. Just because it worked a year ago, doesn't mean it works now.
  4. Im having some troubles booting from a disk with memtest. I am thinking that my disk drive may be at fault (at least slightly). My main disk drive for whatever reason isn't able to boot anything(although it still reads/burns in windows) so i have temporarily hooked up an old ide disk drive. hopefully i will be able to pick up another one tomorrow and see if that changes anything. I have since attempted re-installing again, and these attempts would not complete: system would hang on windows loading screen after one of the various mandatory restarts during install.
    For now, I am redownloading the win7 iso, but would like to know if it would be recommended to flash bios or simply tweek settings.
    Thanks again for any help,
  5. Also i get a BSOD sometimes shortly after system hangs on starting windows, and occasionally it gets to the windows blue background, but an error message says it cant continue download becasue the system shut down unexpectedly.
    In regards to the BSOD, i have had driver issues with my Video card (new one is ordered), but is there a way to fix a driver issue before install?
  6. Go ahead and flash the bios if there are any new versions. Before doing that though, remove any overclocks you have in place - reset everything to it's stock value. Next time you boot up the system and it blue screens, hit F8 during the bootup process and find the option to turn off automatic reboots when the system fails. This will allow you to capture the error code from the BSOD and post it here.
  7. Well i have finally managed to trick the BSOD to wait and let me copy the technical information
    also sorry if my posts are spread out, got a midterm on tuesday

    technical information
    *** STOP: 0x0000016 (0xFFFFFA8002F5B010,0xFFFFF88003AE2D9C,0x0000000000000000,0x0000000000000002)

    *** atikmdag.sys - address FFFFF88003AE2D9C base at FFFFF88003AD0000, DateStamp 49f199cd

    hopefully someone knows what this means?
    Thanks prophesy for your help so far, i really hope i can get this figgured out soon, Dragon age started preloading today.
  8. 0x00000016 CID_HANDLE_CREATION has no information at the MSDN site which details bug check codes., other than that this bug check occurs very infrequently.

    Did you revert any overclocks you set in the BIOS?
  9. Haven't overclocked at all. mem, cpu, or gpu (other than gpu fan speed, using ccc back when i had an operating system)
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