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i was trying to format my external hardriver using a website and when i ran the program it said something i clicked it and suddenly my computer froze and blue screen of death came on then the message of reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key.. so yeah i need help
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  1. You should never have to format an external HDD with a website. You system has everything it needs to format a properly recognized HDD by itself.

    Looks like you need to enter your BIOS (right after you power up your system), to select the proper boot sequence/order.

    By the way, disconnect the external drive first. Good luck!
  2. Well i Did the bios and still nothing i was able to use my windows vista CD to do start up repair and now it just shows me an error screen tells me to press F8 and select proper thing. (NOT AT HOME RIGHT NOW) and i do but it goes back to the same screen but i downloaded an iso windows 7 recovery cd and ill try that
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