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Basically screwed my computer. help!

I have a macbook a1342 circa mid 2010.

A long time ago i wanted to try the new ubuntu and installed it alongside osx 10.6. I knew that the grub boot loader wouldnt like my computer if i chose to uninstall ubuntu so I installed a third party boot loader called 'ReFit'.

Everything worked great, but i was done toying with ubuntu and uninstalled it. Everything still worked fine.

I then chose to uninstall ReFit and this is where things started to get difficult. After i uninstalled ReFit My computer would boot to a white screen, and then eventually into osx. This wasn't a problem until I wanted to switch to windows (I dont like using 2 operating systems consistently, it's a waste of space since i would just stay in windows).

O installed windows, overwrote osx and as i know now, that was a huge mistake. I bought a new osx install disk to do it the right way except i cannot get my computer to boot from cd (yes its a working disk, yes it is in the drive which works).

Every time i boot up holding C it simply sits there in this limbo between my white page from the refit uninstall and the black loading screen of windows.

I'm at a loss as to what to do. I do have a desktop available to help the install. I just need to know how to go about this.

I've considered installing another boot loader program to get to the disk and re-install osx, and i've also considered maybe using a firewire from my desktop to my laptop (bootcamp is installed so i can still choose the boot option from inside the operating system, however it doesnt see a disk).

Any help would be greatly appreciated. my desktop is primarily a server and the less i use it the better, so i want to get my laptop up and running again.

I'd like to get osx back on without windows (have to reinstall anyways)
Get rid of the refit white screen.
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  1. there is a program called MacDrive Pro at download the program and run it the website is if you have another mac and can hook it up to the drive via usb or sata you can use disk utility, click on the drive once and click on the verify disk permissions. if there is something wrong go to erase which is right under the convert application and apply the option mac os extended (journalized) and press erase. This will format your drive and make you able to reinstall mac OS x snow leopard. the reason why you can't reinstall at the moment is because your system thinks there is on operating system on it so it doesn't want to reinstall it. Any question concerns or troubleshooting please feel free to talk to me
  2. Ok. i dont have another mac around, it has win7/windows server 2008 and is my backup/media server.

    Should i just install mac osx on it temporarily, and then macdrive on it as well to run this? i'm completely newbie at computer to computer installs. I've only done usb live disks or cd boots.
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    Just one small point. Is the install disk that you bought a proper retail version, or is it an eBay special. The latter are normally machine-specific; Macs are very finnicky about working with a disk from another model.

    In my experience you should be able to boot from an install CD/DVD whatever you have done to the hard disk. That you cannot boot at all indicates, to me, a problem with your install media.
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