Can I Use Windows Program that went with ZT Systems Computer?

Hey Everyone,

I had a ZT Systems I-7 920 computer that was stolen when my house was robbed. It came with a Windows 7 disk that says it can only be used with the ZT Systems computer (that was stolen). I am now building a new computer and I am wondering if I can use the Windows 7 disk from the ZT systems computer in my new computer. I paid for Windows 7 when I bought the ZT systems computer and I do not feel that I should have to buy it again.

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    That is clearly an OEM disk that will only work with the computer that it was supplied with. I'm afraid that when the theives stole your computer they also stole the software that was installed on it.

    But your household insurance should cover the full cost of replacement, including a new OS, so you are not really losing out.
  2. Thanks. I did get H/O insurance for the computer but I was hoping not to have to purchase Win 7 again. The operating system was part of the original computer and is not covered separately. It is a $100.00 that I did not want to spend on the new build. Do the OEM Win 7 disks only work with the computer that they come with? I'm sorry if this is a dumb question. Is there any way to unlock the ZT systems disk for my new computer? If not I will resign myself to buying a new copy of Win 7.

    Does anyone know where the cheapest place is on-line to buy Win 7 is?

    Thanks again for your help.
  3. OEM disks supplied with computers will, in general, only work on that system. In any case, even if you could install on another computer you wouldn't be able to activate that copy of Windows a second time. I appreciate that you want to save money, but if the insurance paid back the cost of the computer that did include the OS (as you say, it was part of the original computer), so you're not really out of pocket.

    The best you can do now is to buy a generic OEM version of Windows 7 that is not tied to any computer. But that will have te same proviso that you would never be able to use it on another computer in the future.

    If you really want to save money you could always investigate Linux; great if you just want to do web browsing, word processing, programming, etc. but not so good if you want to play games.
  4. Thanks. I do want Win 7 and I am not familiar enough with Linux. I was just looking at the Win 7 packages on Newegg. Would the Win 7 upgrade work version work with a new build or am I suck with the Win 7 OEM version. The upgrade would provide Microsoft support while the OEM version would not. It may be helpful to have MS support initially. Technically on a new-build I am not upgrading and so I think I would be stuck with the OEM. Note that Windows 7 Home premium costs $179.00 which is almost twice as much as the OEM version.
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  6. To use the upgrade version you need a previous version of Windows. Either this will already be installed or else the installation process would ask you to insert the CD of the previous version at some point.

    I realize that I'm not telling you what you want to hear, and I'm sorry about that, but it's just the way things are.
  7. Thanks you have been very helpful. I will probably just buy the OEM version.
  8. That's what I'd do. I've never need Microsoft support when installing Windows. TBH you can probably find as good, if not better, advice via forums should the need arise.
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