Can't Install NFS from a folder

Hello Tom's hardware community,

I have NFS in a folder that my friend gave me. It has the four following files.

Main Folder: NFS Pro Street

Folder Contents:

1]HKZonda.nfo (with a small blue computer as its icon)
NFSPROSTREET - HKZonda.mds (the last three with a blank sheet as their icon)

Upon clicking the first folder, this message appears

"System Information is unable to open this .nfo file. The file might be corrupt or incompatible with the version of System Information"

with the only option to click is OK, which open clicking open the System Information Windows with a left bar.

I use Windows 7
32 bit
Ram: 1GB
Harddrive: 150 GB off which 40% is free space. It runs nice and fast.

What could be the problem and what could I do to make this work. The size of the NFS Pro Street folder is almost 5GB.

Thank You!
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  1. So you have a pirated copy of a game and you are asking for help in getting it working. I don't think so
  2. oh well yes, I'm the only one indulging in such things off net. songs movies documents downloaded off net are all examples since the advent of internet and not since the advent of piracy.

    peace ... over n out
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