help with crossover plz

i cant seem to get networking to work with my 2 comps i have a crossover cable attached to both and i can access the internet with the dial-up on my host computer but the computers cant see each other or ping each other but each comp can ping itself both are running xp pro i have searched everywhere for info but cant find out whats going wrong :(
on host comp i have 2 lan inputs which i disabled the one not connected to and i disablewd a "net adaptor" what ever that is ... my mobo on the host is an asus a7n8x deluxe which comes with the 2 lans etc
if anyone can help me set-up it up file transfers would be gr8 :)
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  1. There seams to be no functional DHCP server on your little LAN...
    Assign each machine a static IP on the LAN.
    Put both in the same workgroup.
    Assign resource sharing.
    File sharing will work just fine.

    Read up on Networking basics, IP's, their assignments, and Internet sharing///
  2. errm how do i assign resource sharing ?
    i had done all the rest most of it i got xp to set up everything from chosing one server as host with internet connection the other computer as connects with internet through second computer ..... i get this msg when i click on "view network computers" on both comps ... "HOME is not accessible, you might not have permissions to use this network source" btw "HOME" is what i labeled the network name of the computers
    could someone plz go into detail of what can fix this as i dont have the money to go out and waste on an ethernet hub when it should be an easy process of connecting 2 computers by crossover :(
    p.s. i had also done the ip giving each comp same ip's but last digits 1 different number and subnet mask to 255:255:255:0 on both

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  3. On each machine go to Start->Run->cmd and then type ipconfig and tell us what each machine's IP and Subnet Mask are.

    Also, do you have link light on the network adapters? And, you don't need to disable the 2nd ethernet adapter, just leave it unplugged.
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