Have to reinstall nvidia drivers after every reboot

Hi Guys,
since I installed windors 7 (64bit) i have to reinstall my nvidia drivers after every reboot otherwise i get weird artifacts in games and when UAC kicks in.

with UAC the message box that pops up have black lines all over it and the yes button doent appear until i move the mouse over.

in games it seems to be a transparency problem, for example in Stalker SoC, when using the sniper scope the part of the screen which should be blacked out is not, only the main crosshair and lens is drawn. also in most games the outline of a triangle is drawn around the lower left of the screen.

this is driving me nuts anyone seen this before or have any ideas?

once the drivers have been reinstalled everything is fine until shutdown/reboot or hibernate kicks in.

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  1. This is obviously not normal. What make/model of video card (GPU) and power supply (PSU) are you using?

    You are describing GPU heat/power issues with either of them possibly defective.

    Also, need a run down of your basic system specs to diagnose.

    Good luck!
  2. I am having the exact same issue, running nvidia gforce gt240. works great until I have to reboot. Doesnt' matter if the reboot is 10 seconds after reinstall or 1 day.
  3. has there been any updates to this ? I know its an old post but i am also having the same issue, nvidia geforce gtx 580 card.

    windows 7 64x.

    every reboot i need to reinstall the video drivers or theres some massive jittery issues in games, once reinstalled, works fine.
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