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Windows 7 SP1

Any thoughts, observations or comments on Windows 7 SP1? Installed problem free on four systems so far. Would appreciate informative links regarding performance enhancements, stability or any other useful discussion on exactly what SP1 contains other than all the previously released security updates. Thanks.
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  1. Same here, already updated a couple systems and have had ZERO issues, none. In fact, other than installing and knowing it is there, I have seem no differences at all.

    I have a netbook that my wife uses that is next in the chain. Will be interesting to see how the update does there.

  2. Well, my machines were updated with all previously released security updates, etc. From what I read so far, memory usage enhancemets as well as GPU related improvements are limited to Windows 7 virtulation installments? I may be wrong about that as I have read only limited related material. Any links or explanation would be helpful.

    I also download the .iso SP1 file and burned a Windows 7 SP1 installation DVD. Takes maybe 45 min for the downlaod.
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    Installed without problem. Subjectively the system seems a little "snappier", but that may just be wishful thinking. Has fixed a problem I had when the network card would take ages to reinitialize when coming out of Sleep or Hibernate.

    At least it doesn't appear to have broken anything.
  4. We ran into some problems with Win7 Ultimate SP1 not handling the SQL drivers properly anymore (one machine, Might be some MDAC BS). Other than that 2 thumbs up micro$oft.
  5. My maim system seems to also be snappier especially when using IE8. Maybe more stable with operation/deploymet enhancement regarding IE8? Any improvement to Superfetch/RAM managemet anyone has read about? Or is this related only to Win 7 virtualtion installations?

    I installed SP1 on my backup machine first thinking Internet Explorer 9 would be included in SP1 (which it was not). IE9 BETA is not compatible with my remote internet viewing/connection regarding my three security systems. I watch twelve online cameras most of the day. A product update/patch/driver regarding the use of IE9 when released will be required for my useage of IE9.
  6. You know that IE9 is now in RC?
  7. Well, I installed the BETA, may have been RC, version recently and the DDNX server used for remote viewing did not support IE9 BETA/RC. I emailed the server support and was informed when IE9 was officially released a 'patch' would be available to make IE9 compatible with the remote viewing capability of my three security systems. I had to uninstall IE9 BETA/RC in order to revert back to IE8 on that one system.

    A tidbit about my security systems. I have run the speakers of one my camera server systems to an open windows in the back parking lot of the propety (the window is barred so entry is not possible with the window left opened). I take remote control of that camera server system from my remote location. I then call the system using Skype. I answer the call by remote control. I then use my mike here at my desk (or my other office) and talk to anyone including the police who may be on my property and think I am not there! I can install this system for you for the discount price of twelve thousand dollars.
  8. I'll bear that in mind should I ever turn paranoid (and win the Lottery).
  9. The finest hooker will still ask for payment in advance even in light of your heightened state of self awareness.
  10. Just installed, no problems or changes noted so far...
  11. Before installing SP1 you are supposed to install Windows6.1-KB2454826-v2-x86.msu or Windows6.1-KB2454826-v2-x64.msu first. I have had no problem installing SP1 other than it taking a long time to do so (about an hour).
  12. My install was smooth and about 30min.
    I've noticed ram utilization improvemennts.
    Seems slightly faster on IE8.
  13. I think the time to install may depend on what updates you already have installed on the system I tried it on was without any updates installed and took an hour. If you have all the updates installed up to SP1 it may go quicker can anyone test this?
  14. The actual install was pretty quick for me, but the download took forever. I guess the Microsoft servers were being hit pretty hard at the time.
  15. ^ +1

    Install was really quick but the download was slow even though it was small. Servers must have been getting slammed.
    No issues with it so far.
  16. I installed the service pack 1, and i have 2 hard drives (basic one, and dynamic) and after i installed the sp1 the dynamic drive is gone and in the system management i found its status (invalid),
    so i uninstalled it and it worked fine, so anyone has any solution for this?!
    Especially when i saw this review which is really exciting
    so i want to install it :)
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  18. Installed SP1 over an existing 7 Ultimate. It's a work machine and on all the time with 4 Gig RAM. After any reboot, memory utilization is stable around 25%. Overnight, memory utilization climbs to 75% or above - at this point the UI gets very sluggish (duh!) and menus don't respond well if at all - reboot again and back to 25%. This happens regularly - guess I'll have to wait for a patch... Before SP1, memory was around 55% and stable for days and days. YMMV.
  19. I was having intermittent freezing with windows7 x64 for the last year. I installed SP1 a week ago and have not had a single freeze since. I think it solved my problems :)
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