The yanks are coming to Perth.

I'd like to welcome our new overlords ... please don't eat any of our children, drive on the right side of the road, or shoot anyone (if possible).

Don't worry ... we have McDonalds so you won't starve.

We also have a good Grid Iron competition ... the local team is the Rockingham Vipers ... surely there are a couple of decent players in a Carrier Strike Group?

We will put on a BBQ for you.

How many snags should I cook?

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  1. Also, make sure you change your phones to one with the proper GSM freq the rest of the world use. It may save your life.

    And watch out for the occasional poisons spiders, snakes and jellyfish, killer stingray, sharks and crocs, as well as the rather harmless boxing kangaroo, emu that may poke its beak through your gut, koala that drops on your head and held tight with their claws, echidnas full of just sharp but not poisonous spikes, magpie and crows dive bomb and the occasional drunk with a sling shot, machete or some other form of street weapon.
  2. Having 10-15K U.S. military and support personnel assigned to the base in Perth should would create a boom in the local economy.

    I highly recommend any Aussie entrepreneurs begin exploring what it would take to import hard to find American comfort items, like; Tastykakes, Pork Roll, Famous Amos cookies, Sabrett Hot Dogs, bologna, scrapple, New York style deli meats, Krispy Kreme donuts...

    A New Jersey and/or New York style deli outside any overseas military base would do very well, especially if you Aussies learned to make a real italian hoagie, cheesesteak, and thin crust tomato pie. If not a deli, then a Carolina/Texas style barbecue joint.
  3. The aircraft carrier should also carry grey import computer hardware for the Australian market. The price on newegg are just not happening in Australia. It also helps the US economy (foreign money $_$ !!).

    The price discrepancy is just not fair: <$607.64 USD as of now

    They are both the cheapest price I can find for any GTX 680. 21.77% more expensive in Australia and the card is not even overclocked like the one on newegg.

    Lenovo Y580: <$1712.69 USD

    Ok, the one in AUS has 12GB RAM, the one in USA has 1TB HDD. There is no justification for the 63.27% mark up in price.

    Luckily there is grey import:

    It is definitely profitable to sell product with US price in Australia or no shop in US will do grey import. I just wish there is more competition.
  4. We will welcome ourselves to your country with the obligatory Monster Truck Rally, with plenty of explosions.
  5. We might have to dredge out Cockburn sound to fit the big biatch in.

    My mate has a decent bulldozer I can borrow and I'll stick the scuba gear on.

    Screw the greenies ...
  6. Open up a good wing place with cold beer. Always do well with that. Waitresses in skimpy outfits. Think Twin Peaks/Hooters/Tilted Kilt/Etc.
  7. I was thinking of a bar called "Benders" with robot topless waitresses so you could USB in for a good time riser.

  8. Sorry mate ... I'll get them fitted with min-USB sockets for you.

  9. What's the cost?
  10. We just contract the Japanese to build em and rent them to us.

    If only they spent more time on this as a priority job instead of robot dogs the world would be a better place.
  11. Im gonna make my own military base with blackjack and Hookers!
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