Cant access and programs at all

Hello Community,

I have a problem for you guys that i'm hoping to get help with.

Just the other day I booted up my computer only to realize that i couldn't open any programs (firefox, skype, word, excel etc.) After double clicking icons it wouldnt pretend to load them by making the circling cursor but would stop. I also couldn't start them from the program directory either. I am curretnly using my laptop to write this as i can't get the internet on my computer either.

I rebooted in safe mode and nothing changed., I couldnt access anything. I'm suspecting a virus, but am totally clueless of how to deal with it seeing as I cant run any anti virus programs or download anything to this computer. Its strange because i had recently run my antivirus program about 2 days ago. My friend has tried eliminating various sources of the problem but is also clueless as to what this could be and suggested I simply reformat. Ultimately i feel I am going to have to but it would quite the burden since all my windows disks and programs are at my house (Im currently at school, many hours away from home.) and It might be weeks till I am able to do this.

If anyone has any suggestions or has encountered this problem before I would greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions

Thank you in advance.
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  1. If you can boot up in safe mode, are you able to run a system restore? That might be worth a try.

    -- Ryan
    Windows Outreach Team
  2. Yea i forgot to mention that.

    I have tried to system restores in both safe and normal mode multiple times, but after about an hour of waiting each time I figured that it was either frozen or not working. Probably has to do with whatever is also affecting the programs.
  3. Can you bring up the task manager with ctrl+alt+del? Is there any suspicious programs running?

    You might try something like this:
    Ask the Geek: How to make a bootable thumb drive virus scanner for NTFS

    Even if you do fix your computer I would still plan for a reformat when you can.
    Windows 7 service pack 1 is out so its a good time to do a fresh install anyhow.
  4. How about hard disk activity? Is the HDD showing lots of it, does it seem idle ?? Is the OS booting as fast as usual ?
  5. Thanks so far guys,

    The computer takes noticeable longer to load the desktop probably at least 3x longer than what im use to. As far as im concerned their aren't any abnormal processes taking place when I opened the task manager, but I've read that viruses can also hide themselves in this critical processes as well.
  6. Can you scan your disk for errors/bad sectors ?? chkdsk C: /r in command line and then reboot to do it.
  7. Try running through the malware guide in my signature.
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