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Question about installing Windows 7 on Raid 0

Does anybody know what drivers should be better to use when installing Windows 7 on Raid 0. Should I use the drivers that comes by default in Windows 7 or should I download the Intel Matrix Storage Manager drivers? Please help if you can. Thanks! :)
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  1. Always use what comes on the MoBo CD.....or latest version from manufacturer web site
  2. Oh ok cool. Thanks for the reply. I should be able to put the drivers on a memory stick and install through there? Please help if you can. Thanks! :)
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    In short you will have to activate RAID mode in computer BIOS then define the array in your controller's BIOS (just after PC BIOS post) by pressing a specific key combination then reboot and yes if you have your drivers installed on a memory stick, windows 7 should be able to detect it. Windows XP required a floppy disk.

    Possibly needless to say but when creating or deleting a RAID array deletes all data on disks...
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  5. Thanks for the reply. :D
  6. Thanks as well :)
  7. I have downloaded the latest Raid drivers for a asus p4p800-se and stored them on a memory stick. When I start to install windows 7 it does not detect my raid array. Windows 7 does not display any hard drives in the menu. I tried to load the raid drivers in the setup menu but windows doesn't detect anything. I am able to install winxp on the raid array. Please help me if you can. Thanks :D
  8. Well I think you are out of luck. :( That model doesn't seem to support windows 7 (only found xp drivers or older at asus site) so if windows 7 doesn't detect the array by itself (without you loading any drivers) then you can't have raid and windows 7. Your other option would be to get a SATA controller with drivers for windows 7. That would be around 20$ for a basic one if I'm not mistaken.
  9. After I did some research also I figured out that windows 7 doesn't support that chipset in raid config. Thank you very much for the reply. :D
  10. You are more than welcome :) Good luck!
  11. I am trying to install window's 7 in a raid 0 in my new system, I got the drivers on the mobo cd copyed to a usb drive, but not sure which one to use. I pick on set and the windos install starts, but I get an error during the windows expanding file "windows cannot instal reqiered files the file my be missing or corrupt" any sug jestions. I have the bios set up as a raid 0 with 2 60 Gg SSd's
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