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Just applied Windows 7 SP1.

Computer now locked during startup in the JMicron RAID portion of the setup.

I believe that F2, F10, Alt-F10 all occur after this portion of the startup - so I can't even get into BIOS to monkey around.

Anyone else seen and fixed this?

Any other keys that can be used to perhaps skip this section (I am not using any RAID drives).?
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  1. Figured this out - not sure but don't think it is Windows 7 SP 1 issue.

    I had my Kindle plugged into a USB port. As part of my routine for trouble shooting PC issues I started removing all the attached gear. The Kindle was the first to go and the system booted right up and now working fine. Apparently a Kindle messes with the JMicron RAID routine in some fashion. I don't beleive I have rebooted with the Kindle attached at any time previous (but old and poor memory) so likely its a Kindle vs Gateway 6800 issue.

    As added attempt to figure out the issue I had sent Gateway support an email with very similiar question. They were no help at all - they suggested that I re-install my orginal Vista system - that's not the solution I had in mind for a Windows 7 SP1 issue - on top of which there was no way that I could get far enough along to do the re-install since Alt-F10 key input did nothing.
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