Everything is suddenly crashing? Virus or hardware?

Usually when I hear about crashing, I hear about one program going wrong or the entire computer restarting, but my problem is different. Every program crashes at once or within 5 seconds of eachother. This suddenly has started happening, but it happened on this computer before, but I wiped and reformatted since then.

Well I got a new motherboard, video card, processor and ram recently, but it was installed by someone else who helps us with your computer. Well suddenly, like last week this issue started happening first my game, Vindictus(which hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of people play) would crash or the internet would crash if i wasnt playing the game, then within 5 seconds every program would malfunction, music wouldnt work, internet explorer would show images all screwed sometimes even crashing, google chrome would do the same and then crash. The only solution was to restart. Then after a while, maybe 30 minutes to an hour later, the problem would persist and repeat again, whether i was playing the game or not.

My antivirus was Mcafeee, now it is Avast!

What is happening? Is it a virus I happened to get twice, both getting past my antivirus? Is it my hardware? How can I fix it?

I used MBAM and my virus scanners and they both came back with nothing.

If it helps at all I think both times it began happenening i visited pornhub.com shortly before it began happening.
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  1. Are these crashes accompanied with blue screens and error messages?
    You can run Event Viewer to see what's causing it.
    You might very well have a bad ram stick.
    Or the ram voltage isn't properly set.
    Copy an iso image of this to disk
    start as bootable cd/dvd device
    Scan each ram stick one at a time and check for errors
    Btw virus scans such as Malwarebytes are more effective when run in safemode.
  2. 1. Run memtest (as Davcon said).
    2. Check your system temps. This program is good for this and is free for 30 days.

    Report back.
  3. "Well I got a new motherboard, video card, processor and ram recently"

    ^So, you are still using your old hard drive? I would recommend running the hard drive manufacturer's diagnostic. (SeaTools for Seagate, DFT for hitachi, etc..)
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