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Veiw all posts made.

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April 6, 2006 1:04:11 AM

It is complete and utter crap that TG forumz does not allow the user to easily view all post he or she has made. How 'bout adding this little function to the "profile" tab? I'm sick of having to first find an old post of mine, just so I can look up my own profile to see if anyone has replied to the posts I have made. And while we're at it, why not allow the viewing of all post in EVERY catagory. Sure, I could search myself to find all my posts in every catagory, but a simple quick link of the same thing under the profile tab would accomplish the job much quicker.

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April 7, 2006 1:33:44 PM

And while we're at it, why not allow the viewing of all post in EVERY catagory. Sure, I could search myself to find all my posts in every catagory, but a simple quick link of the same thing under the profile tab would accomplish the job much quicker.

I like that part. I dislike having to search all the Categories seperately. And why not take a username search to the post(s), not just the thread/topic. I did a search and found a 20 page thread - I'm not gonna read that whole thread just to find one post somewhere in the 20 pages.
November 30, 2006 11:36:58 PM

I have made some posts in a topic. I dont remember which section it was in. and I have searched different sections. Result.... Nothing.

I gave up. This is simply crap. If it would have been any other third class forum, I would just simply have to do one search to find all my posts.

Just naming it Forumz doesnt make this forum any cooler. We should have not been here even asking for this option. This option is as basic as putting a home link on the page. I mean if it would have been my college programing project i would have got a 20% penality just for not putting Seacrch All catagories option in the search option.
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July 10, 2007 6:52:22 AM

I will say this--- there have been some topics that have been altered in this forum; but i cannot prove it as i cant review my previous postings nor can if find them. This makes me think that there have been a lot of alterations made; but for some reason we are left in the dark. I personnally think this site cannot be trusted as some past postings have already been altered in a manner which deletes an entire's person post. I have lost in faith in this site due to lack of validity.

For example, where is my post "vista is extremely slow to copy files"
July 10, 2007 11:23:13 AM

i also want to retrieve some of my past postings but dont know how; it is frustrating

I made a recent posting as a topic that said "vista is extremely slow to copy files" but the topic no longer exists even though it was active within the last month. What up with this? If anyone finds it, let me know.
July 10, 2007 9:02:46 PM

In any public profile :

July 24, 2007 1:04:29 AM

I think what the OP (and I, too, for that matter), is upset about is that in order to find all of one's posts, one has to do a search in each and every subsection. That is way too much to do and is unacceptable considering how easy it would be to fix that (just change the SQL SELECT FROM statement).
December 2, 2007 2:32:28 AM

Labbai; how did you get to that page? I can't figure out how to find my past posts.
December 31, 2008 11:36:28 AM

March 11, 2009 1:13:17 PM

Labbai said:
In any public profile :

And how do you view the public side of your own profile? Find one of your posts so you can click on view public profile? Thats the point though is finding your posts... When you go into your own profile there is nothing you can use to find your posts. The "public profile link takes you to edit your public profile.

At the very least the search screen could have a "Find my posts" option so you don't have to waste time with multiple searches.

I have 68 posts to my account, had more before my account was deleted (maybe from inactivity?) I just ran a search for my posts and had only one result, a thread that I posted twice to. Where are the other 66 posts of mine? Even from my public profile the "access to whole list..." link only finds the one thread.

What about posts in articles? Can those be searched and found?
March 11, 2009 2:15:07 PM


An entirely new search engine is being developed. I don't have an ETA for release, but once it is, it should be able to do all these things very well.

March 11, 2009 7:18:11 PM

Hmm, this all idea seem good.

Also may I add another suggestion while this new search engine is in development could there also be another option where when you post a topic you can ban certain Users from adding replys to the topic, there for avoiding getting insults ?
Not that I have a problem with the forum bullys, I find them amusing and dont mind the insults, but I think some people may not like it on here.
March 11, 2009 10:33:27 PM

justinblue said:
An entirely new search engine is being developed.

March 12, 2009 6:56:12 AM

UNI you will only ever get those reponses in the 'Other' everywhere else we a civilised Denizens of Toms.
March 12, 2009 10:37:35 AM


I don't think doing something like that is a high priority right now. it would also be quite complex for a server to do, further slowing down the site. That's why I doubt anyone would be interested in pursuing it.

March 12, 2009 5:57:21 PM

Ok no problem, thx justin