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I have a custom built PC and am an IS major at my university I get free windows OSs and other programs. I currently have W7 Business 64 bit installed and just bought another hard drive also got W7 ultimate was wondering easiest way to transfer all my programs, files, settings etc... to new windows install. Could I access my old drive from my new W7 install and just copy and paste my user folder and and program folders? Would like to save the hassle of reloading all my Mobo specific programs and OC programs. Will probably try this before I get an answer but not expecting it to be this easy...could I use the windows transfer with out copying it to an external drive and straight to new HD?
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  1. just stay with business, ultimate is a waste of money
  2. fowang
    haleyrt said:
    ... I get free windows OSs and other programs.

    You should be able to just upgrade in place.
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    If am not mistaken you can use anytime upgrade from microsoft.

    So all you need to do is insert new key after you select properties on "my computer" or go to control panel and double click "system".

    I've never done it before but at least in theory it should be easy.

    If any files are needed you still have the DVDs at hand.
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  5. Thanks! :hello:
  6. thanks! :hello:
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