Need power supply for LCD monitor

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My friend Paul, acquired an LCD monitor minus the power supply. The
model is PJ1L5OC manufactured Nov. 2001 in Santa Clara by Future Power

He said the company doesn't exist any more, and that he hasn't found
anything through online searches (yet). Neither have I!

Does anyone here know of an online resource that will help track down
the correct power supply? TIA.
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    The label on the rear of the monitor will be key
    o Typically a TFT monitor has a remote power brick & small DC jack inlet
    ---- the label will specify say 12V or 19V input
    o A 12V input is readily available from a PC PSU
    ---- TFTs are commonly powered off PC PSUs in industry
    o The polarity of that DC jack inlet IS important however
    ---- you can not assume it is polarity protected

    Also worth considering whether the TFT in fact does work:
    o Physically it may be fine, but the TFT itself may have a problem
    o If that is known to be ok, a PSU brick of suitable voltage is £12-20 on Ebay

    Sometimes the label on the back of the TFT actually gives the polarity by a symbol,
    but this is not always the case so you may need to check inside the TFT itself. The
    adage is centre-positive, but that convention may not be followed universally.

    Getting a TFT monitor apart is slow - they use lots of snap clips around the perimeter
    of the screen in addition to the final retention screws (which are actually there as
    to prevent the two halves peeling apart on shock impact, they are quite rugged cases).

    Whilst the TFT badging company may be gone, the monitor is most likely rebranded.
    So you may find it is more that physically identical to a generic item (eg, AOC or
    Dorothy Bradbury for quiet Panaflo & NMB fans
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    On Sat, 13 Nov 2004 14:45:18 +1100, Franc Zabkar <> wrote:

    >More searching suggests that the L50C may be the same as HP's L1510 or
    >LG's L1510.

    Thanks, Franc, for your excellent help! Likewise, Dorothy and Kony.
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