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I just put together a new sysstem: LAN Party UT 250 Gb motherboard, using onboard sound, AMD 64 3000+, 512 PC 3200 RAM, Geforce 5700 Ultra. I want a new video card since Doom 3 is selectingg 640 x 480 as the recommended resolution (I know I can choose a different one). I am assuming the vid card is probably the limiting factor here along with the need for more RAM probably.

I want to stick with an nVidia card, but cannot afford more than probably $200-$250. Any suggestions?

Also, I see everyone running these Doom 3 time demo. How do you do that as I don't have that option on the main menu?

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  1. your in luck, the Geforce 6600 GT is turning out to be another "the card to get" type of deal. The X700 series is also good, but the GT rules it in anything OpenGL, and is just as fast in almost all other games. Its MSRP is $200, I think Newegg has a whole bunch from various board manufacturers. HardOCP did a good review of it indepth using D3 as one of their benchies. I would also suggest antoehr 512, I used to only have 512 and D3 lagged alot(not frame rate, i could run everything on High @ 1280x1024 with 2xAA and 8xAniso and get 67fps average, the lag was in loading all the time even while the game was running because I didn't have enough ram). I put in another 512 and presto, it fixed all loading problems with every demanding game I owne i.e. FarCry, D3, CS:Source, UT(not so much with UT, but it loads quicker now). So I would suggest another 512mb and the 6600 GT(try Good luck with your new purchase.

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  2. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately the 6600 is only ePCI. So I will definately go with the additional RAM, then hope the card gets made for AGP or the prices drop on the 6800 line.
  3. If you want to stick with nVidia, and you want to play Doom 3, then your best bet would be the standard 6800 (not the GT, not the Ultra). You can get one for around $270. You're also going to need more RAM.

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  4. Quote:
    Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately the 6600 is only ePCI.

    Actually no that's not right. <A HREF="" target="_new">GF6600GT AGP is already showing up</A> and it's also <A HREF="" target="_new">already being benchmarked</A>.

    Wait a few weeks they should be showing up in stores. BTW, he FX5700U should handle D3 @ 1024x768 without a problem, it's detecting too low.

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  5. Thanks all for the responses. Even though it was detecting so low I have been playing at 800 x 600 res. My monitor is kind of crappy, so while it can reach higher resolutions, the latter looks best IMO. Overall the framerate seems good at medium quality, but I think I'll bump it up to high. I will also wait for the 6600 GT I think. It wasn't long after posting the original topic I started to see others discussing the imminent release of an AGP version. I am sure adding the RAM will help too.
  6. Get a Gefore 6600GT if you can of the Radeon 9800pro. If you are only concerned with DOOM 3 then go for the 6600gt since Nvidia has the edge on that game. For overall games Id go for the 9800pro. But wait a min if you got the a64rig then you do not have PCIe so go for either the x700 or 9800pro.

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