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I bought a new dell computer that came with a 24" wide screen monitor. I installed java so I could play some games on pogo. On my win xp the java applet filled the IE window. On this new computer it does not. I get a large IE window and the java game applet is only in the 1/3 part of the window. I have tried ctrl+zero but it doesn't enlarge it much.
I was told to just change my desktop properties to 1280x720 but when I do it looks all stretched out. I currently have it set at 1920x1080> I even tried the chrome browser and it does the same thing. It is really annoying to have to change the resolution just to play a game. I have also noticed others having this problem with different computers and all with windows 7 on them. Is this happening because of windows 7?
Any help is appreciated.
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  1. I think this is because the java applet runs at a specified resolution, so if you use a higher desktop resolution this will obviously occur.

    This isn't a problem per-se.

    The game is still running at the same size, but the computer is running at a higher one.
  2. Actually the game is not running at the same size, how could it be when the pieces are so small you can't see them? I really believe it is a glitch most likely with pogo's software of the game. I don't feel they have programmed it for the higher resolutions that are out now. The game board does get bigger as I reduce the resolution. The highest I could go with out it getting "small" is 1600x900, my recommeded resolution for my computer is 1920x1080. Pogo's recommended resolution is "no higher" than 1024x768. So after pondering this and reading all the other posts, which most all of them come from Window 7 users I would say it is pogo's software creating the problem. I have no problems with the java at other sites when running the higher resolution.
    I was hoping, other than changing my resolution, that there was something I could do.
    Also something odd when I change my resolution to 104x768 all my explorer windows open really narrow, my screen is black on top and bottom.
    Thank you for your help.
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