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So, I’ve been reading about the The CERN Large Hadron Collider and all the cool and fearsome things its supposed to reveal and after looking at some cool pictures of it, it strikes me as to how similar it looks to all those sci-fi power generators and cores we see in various FPS video games, films & Anime.

So how long will it be until we see the Cern Hadron collider its self appearing in a video game or film causing havoc?! :mrgreen:

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  1. we have already seen things that look similar to various photos of the collider.

    consider the death star in star wars and in general any giant "death laser".

    as far as any giant ring which speeds up particles...any movies would likely be linked with the supposed notion that it could create micro black holes. if i remember correctly there was a video in which a black hole was created in a town named black hole and i have it in my collection but i havent gotten around to watching it yet. it was in one of those budget movie multi-packs.
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