I bought a Lenovo Computer with bio-excess built in, much to my stupidity I upgraded to Windows 8. Now the bio-excess is gone and I have many files that are encrypted with the bio-excess. I tried to call Lenovo and the tech there did not understand enough English for me to articulate the exact problem and Microsoft never answered.
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  1. looks like BioExcess is a 3rd party product

    I would expect they would be the ones to help you
  2. hi there,

    just go to lenovo site and there is bio excess is available
  3. I have tried the Windows 8 version of Bioexcess from Lenovo on my V570. I was unable to get it to accept my login password. I downloaded the trial version from Bioexcess, and it worked, but registration costs $40. I have phoned Lenovo twice, and they don't seem to know as much as I have been able to figure out from internet searches. Unless Lenovo changes its policies, buying Bioexcess, or another third party application is your only option to get the fingerprint reader running.
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