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I am hoping that you could help me how to change language on my Samsung N150 with Windows 7 Stater operating system. This unit was installed with Starter edition and registered to the notebook with dutch language. Now, i like it to english.
Pls help me.
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  1. you don't, changing your language is only available on w7 professional and later
  2. Welcome to the forums sunmaple2004!

    As the short answer, you need Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate to change your instillation language.

    As a longer answer, yes it is possible to change the language but it is a bit of work and will require you to reinstall Windows from a 4GB or larger USB drive.

    This following guide is something I am throwing together over my lunch period.
    While is should work fine I have not tried it and make no guarantee that it will.
    Attempt at your own risk.

    Alright, the first thing you will need is an English Windows 7 Install disk or disk image.
    It is important that you have an English install disk because this will set your base language on instillation.
    It does not matter which version the install disk or image is for as, with a small modification, you can install any version from it.

    I am going to assume you do not have an English Win7 install disk/image readily available and point you Here to obtain a 90 day trial version of Windows 7 Ultimate.
    As Windows 7 Starter Edition is 32-bit only, be sure to download the 32-bit trial.
    Following the instructions from Here to download the .iso:
    Getting the Trial

    1. Head to Download 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7 Enterprise Trial

    2. After selecting either 32 or 64-bit and your language it will take you to a questionnaire page. Enter your name and choose either Vista or Windows 7 RC as your current OS. For occupation pick either IT Manager or Developer. For "What is your purpose for downloading Windows 7" tick atleast 4 of them. Enter a valid e-mail address. Click continue.

    3. You may get a security warning about an invalid certificate, allow it and it will load the Java based download manager. Pick a location to save it the ISO.

    In the next step you will need to make your USB drive bootable and copy the contents of the Install DVD/ISO onto it.
    I am going to assume that you are using the .iso; if you are using a retail install DVD follow This Link for instructions on making a bootable USB installer.

    Firstly, Click Here to download the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool.
    This tool is really quite simple to use.
    Simply download the executable and run it (nothing is installed).
    The program will prompt you to select the target USB device to make bootable and an .iso image of the Windows 7 install disk.
    After that, the USB stick will be formated as bootable and the .iso will be unpacked onto it.

    Next we need to make it so that the installer will allow you to select which version of Windows 7 you wish to install.
    This is possible as each install disk contains ALL versions of Windows 7 but is configured to install only one.
    It should be very simple to perform this step, simply open the USB drive that you have configured as the installer, open the 'sources' folder and delete 'ei.cfg'.
    If it is not possible to browse files on the USB drive, open Command Prompt with admin rights and enter “del F:\sources\ei.cfg” with out the quotation marks and replacing 'F' with the drive letter of the device.

    From here we will begin the actual instillation of Windows.
    Make sure to back up all of your data before you begin as it WILL be deleted.
    Also, it would be a good idea to head over to the Samsung Driver Support Page and download all the drivers you will need once Windows is installed.

    Starting with the netbook turned off, insert the USB stick and hit the power button.
    Activate the boot selection menu (usually by pressing 'F8') and select the USB drive as the boot device.
    You will now enter the Windows 7 installer which will run as usual except that it will prompt you to select which version you would like to install.
    As you only have a license key for Windows 7 Starter, make sure that you select this version.

    After you have finished installing Windows it is time to reactivate it.
    Wright down your Windows Product Key from the sticker, usually on the bottom of the laptop.
    Start Windows,press the Start button, right click on 'Computer' then select 'Properties'.
    From here select 'Activate Windows Now' and enter your Product Key.‌

    Be aware that you may need to validate your key after instillation.
    This is a pain free process and can be completed online or by calling Microsoft directly.
    I have never had, nor heard of any, issues validating an instillation with a valid Product Key even when a instillation disk with a different base language is used (which I have tried).

    That is it, your system should now be running a legal version of Windows 7 Starter with English as the base language!

    If you decide to give this guide a try please post back your experiences or any questions you may have.
    If it works great for you I may try to sticky a version of it to help others in your situation.

    Best Luck!
  3. Hi, you need to format your hard drive.
    When the computer opens, press f10 or f12 if I'm not mistaken, it will open samsung assistant.

    In that assistant, you've got 3 choice, repair windows, rebuild windows or backup data.
    Choose the second one.

    You will now lose all data but it will reinstall windows and you will have to reconfigure it.
    I did it last week on my friends n150 and I had french english and spanish choice.
    Good luck !
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