How to setup FTP server behind a router/proxy ??

I'm using bulletproof FTP server, i just can't get to work.
I've 3 PCs at home with a router to share the network, in order to access my PC's files at work so I've setup a FTP server in one of the PC. However, I can't access that FTP Server at work.
Anyone can help !!!
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  1. does your ISP give you a Dynamic or a Static IP address? With the little information you have given I will go ahead and just assume that you are on a static ip address and that you know what it is when you get to work. If your router is not set to forward ports 20 and 21 to the FTP server then it will not know what to do when it gets a connection from the outside trying ot get in and just blocks it. the other thing you could do if you really wanted to setup a full server from home is if the router has DMZ capabilities you can use it to leave one of the computers totally open to the net.


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  2. I certainly no want to open my PC to the net.
    I've a static IP, but how to forward the port to FTP server in the router. I'm using SERCOMM IP515LM IP Router (4-Port+PrintServer).
  3. You'll have to read the manual or get support from sercomm about the router and how to forward a port. they don't have a manual that can be downloaded for that model.


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  4. Thanks! Finally, I've got the FTP Server to work but the upload & download speed is very slow - approx. 8 kb/s. Is this something to do with the router ? I'm using cable modem to connect to the internet and for downloading through, I normally had around 50kb/s which I still had this speed (approx 45 -50kb/s) even through the router.

    Do I set something wrong in the FTP setup that limited the speed of up&downloading ? But, I went through the hold setup screen and there isn't any rules that apply to limit the speed. I've turned the ratio section off, anything else I need to know ???

    Please help. Many thanks!!!
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