Blue Screen Error

My System Setup:
Core i7 870 OC @ 3.54ghz
RAM 4G kingston
GTX460 Hawk MSI
P7P55D-E mobo by ASUS
2 500 GB Hitachi HDs @ RAID0

Recently my computer is experiencing extreme lag and sluggish delays. Until today, everything was fine. I got a blue screen twice, but did not write down the error code the first time. The 2nd time, I wrote it down. It is 0x000000F4 (0x0000000000000003, 0xFFFFFA800784B950, 0xFFFFFA800784BC30, 0xFFFFF800043DDRD0). Also,
everytime I startup, the BIOS shows the RAID setup I have, and the hard drive status, it also prompts me to press Ctrl+I to enter the RAID setup screen. However, after the blue screen, one of the hard drive showed up as "error occured", and I could not boot into windows. As I remember, the error was something like data inpage, etc. After trying one more time, I booted into windows. It all seems fine, but then I got a blue screen 2 days later, that is when I finally wrote down the error code. I don't know what this error means, and am hoping to find some response and answers, please help. Thanks.

Btw, I have already ordered two intel x25-m ssds, thinking it is a HD problem.
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  1. Though you've said that you think it's an HD problem, have you tried to do a clean install of Windows 7, just to rule it out?

    -- Ryan
    Windows Outreach Team
  2. I haven't, but I will do that today. Although, I do want to add one more detail, that my mouse and keyboard becomes unreesponsive sometimes. I move my cursor the bottom right corner (Preview desktop in Win7) and it the button freezes, no amination.
  3. If your new hard drives come with new SATA cables (which they should) you should also swap those out, just in case. Or, if you have spare ones, give it a shot now. Also, I have seen this caused by a dying CMOS battery.
  4. I dont have my 2 new intel SSDs quite yet, and I dont have any spare SATA cables. Dying CMOS bettery? Wait CMOS battery is the one on the motherboard right? I just got the motherboard 4 months ago, how could it be out of battery? But even if it is, how do I know if its dying? I dont have any spare batteries either.
  5. CMOS battery was just a possibility. And yes, the one on the motherboard, flat and circular. And, if only 4 months, it's highly doubtful that it is dying. If you want to try it anyway, the batteries are carried at most retail stores (Best Buy, target) and are usually $2 or so. Just take the battery with you so you can match it.
  6. Anyone has a specific answer for my error code? Cuz i have seen many blue screen error codes online, none of them match mine.
  7. Uhh will that still help after I've reinstalled Win 7, and already swapped out the hard drives?
    The drives are now two Intel X25-M 80G (160 together) SSDs
  8. A memory error often causes a blue screen.Try switching memory and see what happens.
  9. Turns out its not the memory, motherboard's problem. I realize that it is my mouse's problem. I use a Cyborg Saitek R.A.T. 7. Search on Google if you don' t know what that is. The RAT's percision aim button seems to be causing the problem, cause everytime I press it. My computer seems to be receiving false signals. For example, when I press the button, and click on a file. The computer seems to think that I am holding onto the file, and when I move my mouse, it drags the file too. I spilled some water on my mouse recently, that may be the reason. I guess its broken, costed me 80 bucks, and I only got it for 3 months :P
  10. although, the blue screen... im not sure if it is caused by the mouse. Maybe my mouse and my HD both have problems?
  11. Hi,

    Remove all power to system :

    Check and reseat all cards, memory and cables (on both ends) actually remove and replace - do not
    just snug. Memory could be the problem so if you have more than 1 stick swap them in and out to
    see if the problem follows one stick or try new memory. get more help to fix Windows 7 Blue Screen Error hope this helps you.

    Good Luck!
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